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Policy Paper

Guidelines for the Constitutional Reform of the European Union

Author: Antonio Padoa-Schioppa
Date: December 2013
On several occasions over the last few years, the prospect of a reform of the treaties, which seemed to have been put on the back burner after the laborious gestation of the Lisbon Treaty, has regained topicality and has also been called for by several EU governments, including Germany, ever since the economic crisis began to threaten the very survival of the Euro, resulting in a dramatic decline in growth and employment, unknown since the 1930s. The aim of this paper is to lay down guidelines for a future reform that could ensure stable efficiency and democratic legitimacy both to the Union as a whole and the core Eurozone countries, as well as to any additional EU Member Country aggregations, which may be larger or smaller than the Eurozone but do not include all the members of the Union itself. (...)