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Negotiating the European Union's Dilemmas: Proposals on Governing Europe

Nicoletta Pirozzi and Pier Domenico Tortola
IAI - CSF Working Paper - September 2016

This paper culminates and concludes the Governing Europe research project by presenting an overall assessment of the state of the European Union, and a set of prescriptions for the short and medium term, building on the analysis and findings of the individual contributions. The paper is organised around six main questions: first, how to construct a realistic and fruitful political narrative for the Union? Second, how to turn politicisation from a threat to an opportunity for integration? Third, how to best balance unity and diversity by means of differentiated integration? Fourth, how to consolidate the Eurozone both economically and institutionally? Fifth, how to change the EU’s guiding economic paradigm? Finally, how to formulate a foreign policy that matches Europe’s position in the world? For each of these themes the paper reflects on the main issues and dilemmas facing EU policy-makers, summarises the project's recommendations, and lists a number of actionable policy points.

Keywords: European Union | EU institutions | Democratic legitimacy | EU integration |Eurozone crisis | Economic governance | CFSP | CSDP

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