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Facing the Economic Crisis: Nine questions on the EU

  Facing the Economic Crisis: Nine questions on the EU

  Lunedì, 16 gennaio 2012






Sede del Convegno:


Centro de Estudios Politicos y Constitucionales

Plaza Marina Española, 9  28013 Madrid, Spagna

Lingua di lavoro:


The aim of this workshop is to offer a multidisciplinary reflection upon the current crises faced by the EU.
We use “crises” instead of “crisis” because it is evident that the EU is experiencing a legitimacy crisis which goes beyond the more general economic and financial difficulties affecting the global system.
In order to favour a rigorous debate on some issues that we consider fundamental, the works of this workshop will be divided into three panels.
Panellists (three for each panel) are asked to deal with some key (common) questions which will introduce the debate.
Given the highly interdisciplinary content of the subject of this workshop, it was thought worthwhile to extend the invitation to scholars with different backgrounds who could confront with such complex issues from different angles.

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