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The EU budget: a driving force for changing Europe?



The EU budget: a driving force for changing Europe?

Martedì 30 ottobre 2012



In collaborazione con IAI Istituto Affari Internazionali, IEP e Notre Europe

Sede dei Lavori :
Istituto Affari Internazionali - Library

Via Angelo Brunetti, 9



Lingua di lavoro: Inglese


As European governments struggle to manage the Euro zone debt crisis, negotiations are underway to reach an agreement on the EU multi-annual budget for the period 2014-2020. While largely unnoticed by the public opinion, these negotiations are of great political importance, as the future financing of EU policies will depend on the shape of the next multiannual budget. Equally important, the EU budget is increasingly seen as part of the solution to the current crisis, both in its capacity to stimulate growth and to support those countries and regions most hit by the crisis. 

The negotiations on the EU budget also coincide with a period of major legal and institutional reforms in the system of EU economic governance. The latter poses a question as to what the role and shape of the European budget should be in this new institutional environment. Do current steps towards a 'fiscal union', and even a ‘political union’ integrating the members of the Eurozone will end up with the creation of a truly ‘federal’ EMU budget? If this happens, what would be the implications in terms of content, structure and functioning of the European budget at 27? 

This seminar aims to look at these questions and others concerning the main political challenges for the next EU financial perspective as well as the long-term implications of the crisis for the European budget. The first three panels will discuss the potential of the next EU multi-annual budget to tackle three of Europe's major present challenges: to recover growth, to prevent a widening of economic and social disparities within the Union and to maintain the EU influence in the global scene. The fourth panel will discuss the nature and characters of an EU budget needed to help a positive evolution towards a Political Union


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