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Beyond Europe: Threats, Challenges, Opportunities


Beyond Europe: Threats, Challenges, Opportunities
Pisa, February 18th 2016


Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Aula 3


9.30 I Session: The European Space’s Fluidity
Chair: Giuseppe Martinico (Scuola Sant’Anna, Pisa and Centro Studi sul Federalismo, Torino)

10.00 Keynote Speech - Terrorism as a threat to internal and external security in the EU: the case of Foreign fighters
Emilio de Capitani (Queen Mary University, London)

10.30 The European space between integration and disintegration
Francesco Strazzari (Scuola Sant’Anna, Pisa)

11.00 coffee break

11.30 Integrating People across Europe 
Alessandra Venturini (Deputy Director of the Migration Policy Center, European University Institute, and University of Turin.)

12.00 Continuity and Changes in the reform of the European Neighbourhood Policy
Sara Poli (University of Pisa)

12.30 Debate

13.00 -14.00 break

14.00 II Session: From the East to the South: Restructuring a Troubled Space
Chair: Serena Giusti (Scuola Sant’Anna, Pisa)

14.30 Conditionality outside-in: on the EU conditionality policy towards ENP countries and its own Member States in the field of migration
(the case of Moldova and Morocco)
Viorica Viță (European University Institute, Law Department)

15.00 The EU Confronting the Challenges of the Post-Arab Spring: Democracy, Security and Mobility 
Silvia Colombo (Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome)

15.30 Coffee Break

16.00 Assessing the Eastern Partnership: Unifying Policy, Divergent Outcomes 
Kateryna Pishchikova (eCampus Università Telematica)

16.30 The ENP and the Eurasian Union in a tug-of-war: choices and dilemmas of the Eastern Neighborhood 
Irina Mirkina (Lund University)

17.00 Debate

17.45 Wrap Up and Final Remarks
Francesco Strazzari and Serena Giusti (Scuola Sant’Anna, Pisa)


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